If you were given the opportunity, how would you create the ideal MBA?

You’d first recruit the very best professors from American business schools such as Harvard, the University of Michigan, and MIT. 

Then, you’d set up shop in a stunning international city where the pulse of global business trends and culture can be felt every day. 

Finally, you’d carefully construct a uniquely international curriculum that stresses both business fundamentals and the key skills needed to develop future global leaders. 

The ideal MBA is here in Barcelona.  We are the Barcelona Management Institute.  New World. New MBA. New You. 

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                              mit-sloan stanford-university university-of-michigan wharton

BMI Professors are affiliated with the institutions above (among others).

BMI selected for Financial Times Conference

thumbnail_1412BMI Academic Director, Dr. John Branch, participated in a Financial Times Conference in London on “Today’s MBA.” The panelists examined the following topics “Today’s MBA” ,”How to choose the right MBA”, and “How the MBA will evolve in the future”. Backround footage for the conference was shot on site


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