A day in the life

A day in the life of a BMI student

What would your life be like at BMI? Drop in on a typical day in the life of a BMI student in Barcelona. 
Had a quick breakfast at home and watched the news on TV. My Spanish is getting better–I understood most of what they were saying!
Attended Prof. Jeffrey Breyer’s workshop “Achieving Peak Performance”. We discussed communicating strategic vision inside of organizations. My team will present a case on Thursday.
Prepared a presentation with my team for this afternoon’s class, “Implementing Business Strategies”.
Had lunch at a nearby restaurant with my team. Gazpacho, breaded hake with french fries, crema catalana and an expresso. All for 7.50…good deal.
Attended “Implementing Business Strategies” module. We are analyzing project control variables. My team presented a Gantt chart of a case we are studying. Student feedback was generally positive but the Professor pointed out a few omissions.
Researched online for a paper due in “Achieving Peak Performance”.
Took a break. Went to the beach and had a nice swim.
Attended a lecture by Prof. Jonas Ridderstrale (co-author of Funky Business) at a business incubator funded by the Barcelona City Council. Interesting talk. Learned a few powerpoint tricks from the presentation!
Tapas with classmates in the Barceloneta. I think I might move to this neighborhood to be right next to the beach.
Reviewed the day’s notes and chatted briefly with my brother online.
Re-read an interesting chapter from The Effective Executive and lights out!