New World. New MBA. New You.

If you’re considering an MBA, you’re also probably thinking a lot about career advancement. Perhaps you would like to change industries or switch from a marketing role to a finance position. Maybe you’re thinking of developing an idea into a startup company, or infusing your current employer with new energy.

The one-year MBA program at the Barcelona Management Institute is a process of self discovery. But you are not in this alone.

You will be assigned a career services advisor to help you better understand your personality, relevant skills, and aspirations. By establishing who you are and why you want to get an MBA, our staff will build a roadmap to maximize your time in business school and prepare for the challenges of the New World.

Beyond this first phase, your career services advisor will work with you to polish your presentation skills, nail the toughest interview questions, and develop a high-caliber resume. Our world-class faculty also provides insights in this process, drawing on their networks of contacts and consulting experiences.

However, Barcelona Management Institute students are expected to be aggressive in their own right. We’ve found that self-motivated students have the highest degree of success in their career searches. You will take the lead, but we’ll be there to support you.

Upon graduation, the network grows stronger. Our alumni have lifetime access to our career services office. They are invited back to Barcelona for yearly events to meet with old classmates, network with other alumni, and update the faculty and staff on their progress.