Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am considering other schools; why should I choose BMI?

The main reasons to choose BMI are:
1. You learn from award-winning business educators, actively involved in consulting projects around the world.
2. Modules  and workshops are presented consecutively, and only two at the same time, enabling you to focus better on each subject and learn in depth as you donВґt have to spread your attention among five or six courses like they would in traditional MBA programs.
3. You learn essential business skills such as negotiation, leadership and time management, which are your toolbox for success and help you hit the ground running when you start your next job.
4. BMI’s location and methodology simulate a corporate environment that makes learning realistic and applicable.
5.  You get a chance to specialize in an area of your interest by doing actual consulting work for a company.
6. You combine business and pleasure: you get your MBA while enjoying the Barcelona culture and lifestyle.
Can you help me with practical details (moving, finding a flat, visa, etc.)?
Certainly! In fact, we are committed to making the transition to BMI and Barcelona as smooth as possible, and we take pride in our personal approach towards students. We are here to help you!
How sure can I be of getting the degree?
Our rigorous admissions process ensures that every student that is accepted has the qualities that are necessary to successfully complete the program. We encourage our students to strive for excellence as we expect they will do in their professional careers, and we provide them with every opportunity to achieve at their highest potential.
What workload should I expect per week?
BMI’s program is intense though not unreasonable. The system of consecutive modules that BMI uses spreads out the workload fairly evenly over the 12-month program. Students who are well-organized generally find that they have free time to devote to other activities.
Can I learn Spanish at BMI?
We encourage our students to add value to their MBA by learning a new language and culture. Spanish Language and Culture is one of the components of the program, for which the students earn 5 ECTS credits. All students must take Business Spanish before they graduate.  This means you do not have to spend any extra funds on Spanish lessons, and in addition, you will take part in a number of cultural activities to help you become familiar with the Catalan and Spanish environment.
Do I have to take the GMAT?
How good does my English need to be?
At BMI all courses are taught in English. Most of the professors and many of the students speak English as a native language. So students need to be comfortable communicating in the language. Fluent, confident expression – not perfection – is necessary.
Is BMI accredited? 
BMI recently decided to complete the AMBA accreditation process. Learn more