The BMI Philosophy
The new challenges of modern society have created an unprecedented need for strong leaders. Increasing demands upon knowledge workers, the trend towards flatter organizations, and the arrival of developing countries in the global arena are driving the demand for effective managers. The mission of the Barcelona Management Institute is to create world-class leaders.

Global demand for leaders
We live in the information society. Increasingly, developed economies produce services, ideas, and knowledge rather than industrial products. As knowledge-based services account for a greater share of the economy, the number of knowledge workers has grown. So, too, the demands on them to manage information, technology, and themselves have increased.
The trend of large organizations to have flatter hierarchies also contributes to the need for leaders. New types of business organization require greater responsibility from individuals at all levels. Project managers, team leaders, and coordinators all have the opportunity, as well as the obligation, to make greater contributions to their organizations than at any time in the past.
A growing number of developing countries are joining the global economy. These countries need capable leaders to manage people and resources in government, health services, industry, and education.
A new generation of professional managers is needed to help these countries boost development and improve general living conditions.
BMI offers high quality business education in Barcelona, Spain, to meet the global demand for executives to lead organizations. Creating and developing business leaders is what we do. How do we do it?
Commitment to excellence in teaching
At BMI we know that the fundamental role of teachers is to teach. In practice, professors spend much of their time doing research and writing books. At some universities great professors may even be dismissed if they don’t publish regularly.
However, the primary factor guiding BMI’s selection of its faculty is their ability to communicate key management concepts in the classroom. Leaders need to learn from the best.
Focus on effectiveness
The Barcelona Management Institute is committed to offering a practical, useful education to its students. Simulations, case studies, and specialization through a real consulting project help make management theory tangible and real. Workshops put tools such as spreadsheets, statistical models, and presentation techniques into students’ hands so that they will become effective leaders before they even leave BMI.
The big picture
 BMI offers its students a general management education. Today, leaders of any organization need to know enough about business as a whole to be able to speak the same language as specialists across different functional areas. To have a vision and be able to communicate it throughout the organizations is fundamental to success.
In the broadest sense, leadership means having an executive mentality, i.e., possessing attributes such as efficiency, personal responsibility, and initiative. These are the qualities that the MBA at BMI develops in its students.