Student Bios

Dana Necula

I have chosen BMI primarily because it offers a practical postgraduate program that complements the theoretical approach to business I obtained during my undergraduate studies.” This is what Dana Necula says, a student at BMI. Dana is 23 years old from Romania. Barcelona is one of
Fabien Damien
I wanted to complement my engineering degree with a business degree. I completed a degree in Computer and Communication Engineering at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. After graduation, I began working as a support engineer for a Lebanese IT company that distributes American IT solutions throughout the
Didem Durak
The fact that all the students come from different backgrounds and cultures makes the program unique. The atmosphere is very open, friendly and comfortable. In a short time, we have built strong friendship and learned a lot from each other.” I completed a Bachelors of Art in
Lissy Pope
Why an MBA? I chose to pursue an MBA in order to broaden my knowledge base of the business world. I have experience with small self-owned business models, but felt that my experience was lacking, in a more global business perspective. I graduated in
Tracy-Lee Engel
Why an MBA I was offered an opportunity to be involved in the planning and management of an internationally acclaimed academic hospital in Tanzania. The hospital is part of the development of a cluster of privately owned islands in the Tanzanian sector scheduled within the following 4 years.
Jana Makeska
BMI has proven to be an institution that offers an exceptional MBA experience thanks to the cross-cultural focus, the pleasant working environment, the terrific lecturers and carefully selected materials. At BMI, we are not stuck with any average professors. On the contrary, all faculty comes to Barcelona from top