Student Housing

Student Housing
Finding long term accommodations in a new city can be an overwhelming experience for international students, especially if you do not speak the local language. We want our incoming students to know that as part of the Student Services provided, our staff is committed to helping you find appropriate accommodation during your studies in Barcelona and smooth your transition into a new culture and a new life.
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Students have different needs, likes and budgets when looking for housing. Some students are married, some are single, and some want to live alone, while others want to share their living space with other students from different nationalities or with a Spanish student with whom to practice the language. Some prefer to live within walking distance to BMI, some want to live close to the beach.
Once you apply to the program, BMI will help you with all your housing needs.  As a first step, BMI provides students with listings and referrals to local real estate agencies and personal contacts, as well listings of apartments and rooms for rent directly from landlords before their arrival so that they may start browsing online or even making reservations from abroad. If necessary, BMI offers short term accommodation for students upon their arrival, either at one of the apartments reserved for visiting faculty, or at a bed & breakfast close to the school. In fact, we will pick you up at the airport and take you there!
Not only will we help you in your search for accommodation and give you advice, but once you are enrolled in the MBA Program, we will also act as your contact in making phone calls, scheduling visits, understanding rental agreements, getting an internet line to your apartment, etc.
Whatever your housing needs are, BMI is here to guide you through the process.